998 km2 (385 sq mi)
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The illustrious Mountains of the moon is known to provide a hospitable climate and fascinating green lush vegetation overflowing with the soothing experience devoid of deafening city disturbances. This park is located in the southwestern part of Uganda along the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo next to the Virunga national park. Rwenzori's proximity to Queen Elizabeth, Kibale, Bwindi, and Semuliki makes it easier to connect to these parks after a fun time at Rwenzori national park.

Rwenzori has the highest mountain range in the whole of Africa with the third highest peak and 6 glacial peaks. The scenery of the mountain has a pristine landscape covered in different types of vegetation; the montane forest zone, bamboo, tree heath-bog, Hagenia Rapanea scrub, and the afro-alpine moorland. The park is home to 70 mammals like the Elephants, Buffalo, Golden cat, Servaline genet, chimpanzees, etc. This is the only park in Uganda where the Angola colobus monkeys have been identified.

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Mt. Rwenzori NP

Rwenzori Hike
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Uganda Birding Safari
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