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The park located in the western part of Uganda is the second-best place in the world for chimpanzee tracking. What makes coming here advantageous is that the park lies strategically close to Kasende crater, Queen Elizabeth, Rwenzori Mountains, Semuliki Park, and the Toro-Semuliki reserve. This forest park is home to about 325 bird species and one of the special birds to look around for is the beautiful blue-breasted pitta. For those in love with butterflies, come along with your camera and take pictures of some of the 250 beautiful species in the forest. In spite of the park being famous for chimpanzee trekking, it's one of the parks blessed with diverse flora and fauna. The vegetation ranges from arid tropical forest, evergreen rain forest, savanna, woodland that supports various species.

You are certainly not a solemn trekking enthusiast unless you embark on a memorable chimpanzee adventure at Kibale Park. This haven to about 1500 chimpanzees offers a complete 1 hour guided tracking experience where you get to follow the chimps going about their routine. Tracking is made remarkable because five groups are habituated to human contact so it's easier for the visitors to get closer without scaring them away. For tourists interested in spending long hours with these chimps, don't miss out on the enjoyable habituation process. Kibale forest offers the best all day chimpanzee habituation experience in the whole of East Africa Visitors alongside researchers get to follow the chimps from around 6 am to 7 pm while getting educative insights from the guides.

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