331 km2 (128 sq mi)
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Gorilla tracking, Birding, Community visits, Nature walks
Popular Wildlife
Mountain gorillas,
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All year round


This home to over 500 mountain gorillas is the most visited in Uganda because it harbors over half of the world's population of mountain gorillas. Despite the park being famous for gorilla trekking, it's also one of the oldest afro-montane forests in East Africa with inimitable 160 tree species, over 100 fern species, and over 1000 flowering species. If you have an exceptional list of animals you want to see, there are about 120 amazing animals like the elephants with extra toes and straight tusks, chimps, Pottos, Bushbabies, among others.

Bwindi is one of the 4 national parks in Africa where mountain gorilla trekking is done in the sectors of Buhoma, Nkuringo, Ruhija, here; over 100 permits are made available for purchase. The 4 to 7-hour activity kicks off at 8 am and each group is given about 1 hour with the gorillas. Visitors who want longer hours with the gorillas can always opt for the 4-hour habituation experience where you get to spend time with the animals in their habitat. As you follow the gorillas around, trained guides will be giving an educative insight into the whole habituation process. There are currently two-family groups being habituated therefore it's easier for tourists to get closer, take photos without scaring them away.

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