This Park located in the western part of Uganda in the districts of Kamwenge, Rukungiri, Rubirizi, and Kasese is the most visited in Uganda. Elizabeth is the only park visitors get to take photos standing under the demarcated circular sculpture of the equator. There are different souvenirs shops at the equator that sell Tshirts that say “I have crossed the Uganda Equator, have you?” to show off to your friends and families. If you are a nature enthusiast, expect the best gaming adventure that will only get you coming back constantly. The fact that it borders the Kibale park, and harbors an extension of Congo’s Virunga national park makes it the perfect haven for various species of wildlife. The park’s location within the rain shadow of the mountain Rwenzori ranges guarantees endless glorious greenery, woodlands, lakes, gorges, rivers, craters, and plains. Come prepared to spot 95 mammal species like the hyenas, Sitatunga, serval cats, jackal, civet, colobus monkeys, and leopards. It’s a top birding destination in Uganda a haven to over 600 species of beautiful birds with the Mweya peninsula being the birding paradise.


Elizabeth offers some of the gaming activities that allow you to relish in the beautify nature has to offer. There is an exciting walk in the Maramagambo forest and along the Kyambura wildlife reserve. At Maramagambo, look out for the wild pythons always feasting on the bats at the famous bat cave; the magical blue lake, crater lakes, and the chimpanzees. If you are obsessed with the lions, don’t miss the drive to Ishasha sector the home to the fascinating climbing lions. These lions love to spend time on the fig tree after a morning hunt or during the morning heat. The educative tour drive to Lake Katwe salt mining grounds through the Crater Lake region owning the most exquisite crater landscapes should be top of your safari to-do list. The fact that visitors get to see the locals mining this salt locally with their hands is exhilarating. They are taught more about the salt mining industry and even get to have interactive dialogues with the locals. Later try out the Kasenyi hot air balloon ride blessed with the panoramic view of the scenic plains rich in wildlife. These are mating grounds for kobs, antelopes, elephants and look out for exciting battles between the big cats and the herbivorous animals.


The magnificent Kazinga channel that links Lake George and Lake Edward.is a haven for photographers simply because it possesses the best scenic views. Don’t miss out on the fascinating 2-hour boat ride along the Kazinga channel with distinctive species of animals. You will be able to spot the Hippopotami, Crocodiles, Leopards, Buffaloes, and many others. If you are a bird fanatic prepare to spot the Shoebill Stork, Sedge Warbles, Papyrus Gonolek, Northern Pochard, Martial eagle, Open-billed stork, Wood Sandpipers and so much more.

Kyambura gorge shaped by the Kyambura River radiating with its beautiful thick underground forests is famous for the 2-4-hour chimpanzee tracking. The fact that these primates are habituated makes the process a lot easier and more remarkable to tourists. The best part is during tracking, you can still spot species like butterflies, red-tailed monkeys, snakes from the viewing platform above the gorge. You can also try out the 3-hour mongoose tracking safari on the Mweya peninsula.

Cultural enthusiasts should look forward to a visit to the Kikorongo equator cultural group famous for their traditional dances, fire making, and drama. They teach visitors how to make crafts, weave baskets, however, some are made available for sale at a reasonable price. Later the visitors are taken on village walks where locals are always excited to share some of their cultural activities like cooking, building thatched houses, gardening, etc. Visitors get to visit Busonga fishing village on the shore of Lake George for fun activities like fish spotting, boat racing, and tasting of the local fish.